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How to Swing Dance for Beginnners - Basic Swing Dance Steps

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DanceCrazy Presents Learn to Dance Swing Beginners Volume 1.

Get ready to rock with DanceCrazy's extensive introduction to Swing Dancing! If you can't help tapping your feet to the amazing rhythms you hear in Swing music (think Count Basie, Duke Ellington, or Ella Fitzgerald) then this DVD is for you!

You'll be showing off some amazing Swing Dance steps in no time at all. "There's no other DVD series that is this in depth, this step by step, or this fun..."

Swing has earned its reputation as one of the most versatile and energizing forms of popular music and continues to attract new converts to its catchy tunes and syncopated beats.

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Your experienced Swing dancing instructors take the time to break each pattern down thoroughly, providing you with essential information on technique, style, and connection. Not only are Eldon and Alison clear and accurate, but they also making learning to Swing fun and exciting!

It's time to learn a great skill, have a fantastic time, and dazzle your friends. Once you begin, you won't be able to stop dancing Swing! You'll learn how to Swing Dance with ease and style...An absolute must have for anyone interested in Swing Dancing.

Or Buy The Beginners Swing Dance 2 Pack! Only $74 $67


Learn To Dance Swing, Beginners Volume 2: A Beginners Swing Dancing Guide to East Coast and City Swing

Only $45 $37

DanceCrazy Presents Learn to Dance Swing Beginners Volume 2.

This is the second half of your complete Beginners Guide to Learn How to Swing Dance! Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off. . . And then takes you through the remaining beginner Swing Dance steps and patterns. It's fun, easy, and progressive, so hop on board and join us as you cultivate and improve your Swing Dancing skills.

Join DanceCrazy as you brush up on your understanding of the principles of timing and footwork. You'll learn more and more patterns, steps, and techniques that'll allow you to move on to an intermediate level of social Swing Dancing!

Order Now for Only $45 $37

Get into some of the more popular and complex basic Swings steps and learn a few fun patterns too! All on this simple and step by step beginners DVD. Learn what to do, and what will look good out in the real world. DVD menus let you go back and review! Step by step instruction on how to get the movement going - use it in your basic from the start. We help you to improve on the basic concepts that enable you to become a great social Swing dancer. If you've been wanting to learn to Swing dance, but thought that it would be too complicated - have no fear - this method is fast and best of all EASY!

Or Buy The Beginners Swing Dance 2 Pack! Only $74 $67


Let's Dance Swing Video

Professional dance instructor John Hill's charm, humor and effortless teaching style will have you up and dancing the Lindy and the Jitterbug quickly, regardless of skill level. Through easy-to-follow instructions, you will learn classic swing dance moves from beginners' steps to elaborate kicks and spins all within the privacy of your own home. This program features over 90 minutes of dance instruction and interactive menus that allow you to quickly access the Swing steps you want to learn.  Eight lessons.  92 mins. (2003)  DVD-All-Region.

Simply Swing Video
Swing is the thing, so join in the craze with popular New York instructor Dan Weltner. Learn all the basics of Swing dance plus some fun, exciting variations to keep you hopping. Dan and his partner will show you an easy to follow, step-by-step breakdown of each movement. Tuck Turns, Lindy Circle, Aeroplane, and the Jig Walk are only a few of the jammin' steps you'll learn on this tape. "Put on your dancing shoes and join the SWINGSATION! Dan Weltner is one of the most recognized Swing and Ballroom dance instructors in New York City. Aside from performing internationally, Dan is also a featured performer in Tony Bennett's MTV video, "Steppin Out With My Baby." Directed and produced by Bob Rizzo.  VHS-NTSC format only.

Learn to Swing Dance Video

Follow these two professional dance instructors as they take you through the East Coast Single and Triple Swing. This program is an easy to follow step-by-step format that will get you ready to strut your stuff at your favorite club! Learn 32 Swing dance steps in the comfort of your own home, when it is most convenient at a fraction of the cost of studio lessons. Starring world renowned Swing dance teachers & performers Chris Reilly and Ginger de Paris. Featuring the band Zoot.  VHS version is a video 2-Pack.  180 mins.  VHS-NTSC format only/

Zoot CD

Check out this fantastic contemporary Swing band! The same band that plays in the video set above, Learn to Swing Dance 2-pack, this CD offers the greatest Swing Music, ideal for dancing! Songs include: Got My Eyes On You; We're Only In It For The Swing; Abyss; If You Leave Me Baby; Zoots Me Fine; Better Days; Ana Mae; That Smile; This Feeling; Schwing; and  Zoot.

Swing Video Set with Zoot CD

The Learn to Swing Dance 2-Pack, plus Zoot CD.  See descriptions directly above.  VHS-NTSC format only/

Swing - Dancing with Teresa Mason Video

The cultural effect of the revival of Swing Dancing has been sudden and intense. It is now a common sight at dance clubs across the country to see hep cats in their black and white spectator shoes and zoot suits out on the dance floor swirling and twirling their bobby-socked dance partners. Now you can join in all of the excitement and learn to master the techniques of Swing dancing with ballroom dancing champion Teresa Mason. This informative dance class features the basic steps for the five most popular Swing dances including: West Coast Swing; East Coast Swing; Lindy; Jitterbug; and Jive. Included are five steps for each dance as well as styling tip. Your competence and confidence will grow with your progress through each easy to understand lesson.  45 mins.  VHS-NTSC format only.

Swing is King Video

It's the hottest dance craze sweeping the country! And now you too can be part of the retro scene with this swing dance instructional video. You'll learn the coolest swing dance steps in minutes. With this video you will learn:  Basic Step, Triple Step, Rock Step, Release Break, Inside Underarm, Outside Underarm, Tuck-ins, Hip Leads, Kick Step, Egg Beater with Unwind Swivels, The Lindy and more. Your dance instructor, Nick Felix, has taught more than 10,000 students. He has choreographed over 100 TV dance programs and served on the Nat'l Dance Board Committee.  60 mins. (1998)  VHS-NTSC format only.

Learn to Dance in Minutes: Swing! Video

In this program you'll learn the basic steps and rhythms to the swing and its variations: the jitterbug, jump-jive, lindy hop and the east/west coast swing. You'll learn how to do turns and side-by-side moves. Easy to follow animated footprints that walk you through all step patterns. Detailed instructions in leading and following anyone. Both slow motion and progressively linked step instructions. Reverse camera angles that place you behind the instructor.  DVD includes interactive menus and instant chapter access to practice steps at your own pace.  VHS - 50 mins.  DVD - 65 mins.  VHS-NTSC format only/DVD-All-Region.

Invitation to Dance: Swing Dance! - Video & CD Set

You'll enjoy this exciting and entertaining dance instruction program whether you're from the "old school" or of the new generation of "jump-swing" dancers!  You will learn how to swing with nationally recognized dance professionals Kyle and Susan Webb.  Their acclaimed teaching method has worked for tens of thousands of dance students worldwide.  In these videos, you will learn, practice and master 42 different step patterns in three of the most popular swing styles - East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and Jitterbug.  The program begins with the very basic beginning steps and then systematically progresses you through more complicated moves.  This program is sure to put you in the mood to get "togged to the bricks" with the other hep cats and... Swing Out!  Music in CD performed by BBC Big Band Orchestra and includes: I've Got a Gal In Kalamazoo; Pinetops Boogie Woogie; King Porter Stomp; Little Brown Jug; South Rampart Street Parade; St. Louis Blues March; Sweet Georgia Brown; After You've Gone; On the Sunny Side of the Street; Cotton Tail; Swanee River; I've Got it Bad and That Ain't Good.  100 mins. (2003)  DVD-All-Region.

You Can Swing Video

Swing is the hottest dance craze in America today. Sometimes called The Jitterbug or The Lindy, this energetic dance started in New York and caught on across the country in the '40s. The jazzy steps and moves of the Swing are what makes it so popular.  60 mins.  VHS-NTSC format only.

Dances That Rock & Swing Video

The exciting styles of the 30's, 40's and 50's features three dance numbers: A rambunctious production number choreographed by Angelo Moio that reflects the fabulous 40's; A swingin' production number choreographed by Cathy Roe that takes us from the late 40's to the early 50's; A duet by Cathy Roe and Angelo Moio which provides a "dictionary" of steps from the 30's and 40's that includes traditional swing steps, the lindy hop and numerous variations, plus "signature" dance steps born of Hollywood and Broadway during this zestful dance era.  This is a great video for choreography and step ideas.  60 mins.  VHS-NTSC format only.

Swing Dancing for Seniors Video

Now, seniors can be part of the retro scene with this swing dance instructional video. You'll learn the coolest swing dance steps in minutes and soon find yourself taking over the dance clubs. Among the moves you'll learn are: Basic Single Rhythm, Release Break, Inside Underarm, Outside Underarm, Tuck-ins, Hip Leads, Kick Step, Swivels, Windmill and Sweetheart. Your dance instructor, Nick Felix, has taught more than 10,000 students. He has choreographed over 100 TV dance programs and served on the Nat'l Dance Board Committee.  60 mins. (1998)  VHS-NTSC format only.

C. Lane's Swing Dancing Today for Teachers Video

Do you know the difference between East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Eight Count Swing and Jitterbug? This video will show you! Christy will teach you the most popular and easy Swing Dances that are sweeping the country today in an easy-to-follow format. Follow along as she takes you through techniques and "tricks". There will be ideas for how to teach different age and ability levels if you have only 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes for your class. A suggested music list is also included.
  VHS-NTSC format only.

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