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Passionate Sex Honeymoon Kit


With this kit you will have more fun on your Honeymoon and ever after!  This kit contains a 96 page book of sensual sex techniques and tips, erotic love notes, a  hot passionate erotica stories book, silk rose pedals, scented candles, a tickle feather, blindfold, and a DO NOT DISTURB sign!  With this kit and a little imagination you are sure to live happily ever-after!



Passionate Sex Honeymoon Kit



Sex on the beach Honeymoon Kit

(includes mini kit)


This Kit is a gateway to fun on your
Honeymoon and forever more!

Kit contains lotions, leis, Music CD and a 64 fun page "Sex On The Beach" Intimacy ideas and instructions book.


Summer or Winter - Rain or Shine... this kit will make your Honeymoon a lot more fun!


Sex on the beach Honeymoon Kit (includes mini kit):



Advanced Sexual Techniques book & DVD Kit


Book -DVD Kit is loaded with solid advice helpful for newlyweds getting to know each other. Book was written by leading sex therapist Dr. Linda Banner.  Book and DVD includes communication tips and fun "exercises" and covers every facet of an intimate relationship, from communication through to consummation.  Also included is a erotica stories section to help introduce you to new ideas and the inspiration to explore new ways of pleasing each other.   DVD 77 minutes - Book 160 pages.





Advanced sexual techniques - book & DVD Kit:




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