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This 18 track music CD offers a variety of ceremony, wedding reception, first dance songs, and more.

First dance music includes Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, and Swing. Purchase options; order CD or download full CD or any individual song.

WEDDING DANCE Mastery System:

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CD Includes 9 Dance Practice Songs

This album also includes:

1. It Had To Be You (Fox Trot)
2. Our First Dance (Fox Trot)
3. Our Wedding Waltz
4. Pledge of Love ( Fox Trot)
5. The Lovers Tango
6. Could I have this Dance (Waltz)


The Wedding Day Music CD album features:

* First Dance Announcement *
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This CD includes a special "Master Of Ceremonies Announcement" for your first dance. This announcement will focus your guests attention on your entrance for your first dance.

* Cake Cutting Song *

It's Time to Cut the Cake: Make your cake cutting event more fun with our jazzy "new cake cutting song". The rhythm is done in the Louis Armstrong style, OH yeah, you'll love it!*

* Country Western *
* Howdy Partner! For Country Western music fans we've included 3 Country Western songs: 2 Texas Two-Steps and a Country Swing.

* Swing-Swing-Swing *

Swing is hot, hot, hot! You'll find a variety of swing music on the CD: Jitterbug, Lindy and West Coast Swinging. Great for a swinging time at reception!

* Last Dance Music *

Our wonderful last dance song spotlights the Bride and Groom as they are surrounded in a circle of love by their friends and guests.

"Our Last Dance" allows the wedding couple an opportunity to thank their guests and honor their parents and grandparents who will join you in the circle at the end of your last dance. This song gives the Bride and Groom a warm, loving, and memorable happy ending to the wedding reception.

* Ceremony Music *

Walk down the isle to a modern beat! You can choose from three styles of "Here Comes The Bride" for your walk to the altar. Choose from Traditional, Rock Ballad, or Country Style rhythms. Pick the style that suits your fancy! For romantic music before your ceremony or for your walk back up the isle after the ceremony, try our beautiful "Pledge Of Love" song. This song highlights the meaning of your sacred wedding vows with a very romantic rock ballad melody you can also use this as your "First Dance" song.

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WEDDING DANCE Mastery System:

( Add $5.00 for Shipping & Handling)



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